Book Review: Disaster Capitalism – Making A Killing out of Catastrophe

Author and journalist Antony Loewenstein, whose first book, the factually incorrect and atrociously written My Israel Question, infamously placed Lebanon inside Israel, remains prone to error. Here’s the very first sentence from the introduction to his latest attempt at book-writing: Back in 1972 Jørgen Randers, today the professor of climate strategy at the Norwegian Business School, […]

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Marriage on the rocks

It is a sad day indeed with noted internet presence Jeremy Sear (Anonymous Lefty, Bolt Watch, Bolt/Blair Watch and Something Wonky) confirming that he and second wife Keri Sear (née James) have separated. Here’s hoping all works out well for them and their feline menagerie. No word yet on the availability of former Sear flame Vicky […]

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The war on white men

Fringe feminist Clementine Ford gets all scary: Fuck those people who tell feminists to be nice so as not to pose a threat to men. I *am* a threat, and they better get used to it. Tim Blair, blissfully unaware of the danger, dismisses this as frightbat raving. He’ll change his tune when he realizes […]

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