The war on white men

Fringe feminist Clementine Ford gets all scary:

Fuck those people who tell feminists to be nice so as not to pose a threat to men. I *am* a threat, and they better get used to it.

Tim Blair, blissfully unaware of the danger, dismisses this as frightbat raving. He’ll change his tune when he realizes that Ford’s scheme to create an antipodean feminist utopia is already well advanced, Ford having quietly declared war on both Australian society, which must be totally reorganized, and “problem” males, that is, all white men.

Spinster Ford’s femtopia holds much promise for males, who will be relieved of “the pressure to be ambitious, to succeed financially, to bury their emotions deeply and to always conform to the traditional model of the stoic, unfeminine man.”

Pansification resisters will, of course, require thorough reeducation. The recalcitrant will be electronically lobotomized through forced listening to endless repeats of the mind-numbingly inane first episode of the Misandry Hour featuring the expertise of a men’s behavioural change practitioner. Once appropriately altered, these males can be put to work tending organic gardens – it doesn’t take much brainpower to pick caterpillars off kale or make aborted foetus compost.

Yes, “warrior” Ford has declared the revolution and is busily recruiting (at 11:20) “warriors, administration people, negotiators [despite saying there will be no negotiations], diplomats and the army.” She very cleverly hides the revolting femmes mobilization in plain sight within a blizzard of insults, swearing and name-calling that no one in his or her right mind would credit to a person able to hold a real job much less foment a revolution.

Ford very cleverly distracts unwary readers by throwing out furphies. A classic example is her insistence that male on female violence in general, and intimate partner violence in particular, is rooted in misogyny. This is spurious feminist propaganda, not fact, as evidenced by the “epidemic” of intimate partner violence in the LGBTI community. Ford ignores LGBTI partner coercion, beatings, rapes and blackmail so as to not undermine the misandric nonsense that pays her bills.

Ford supplements her income by soliciting donations to fund the appropriately titled The Misandry Hour. It would be interesting to see exactly how much money she’s raked in and how it’s been spent creating two hours of content in almost five months.

Maybe she should spend some of the money on reliable birth control. Nah, abortion number three has to be on her to do list to “prove” that she doesn’t hate men, you know, because she’s had sex with an actual male at least three times in her life and therefore can’t hate them, even though she keeps killing their offspring.

Finally, Ford the “accomplished satirist” – she does make me laugh – gets clever with Tim Blair’s name after he makes fun of her:

Tim “I’m a gigantic cunt with a face like a weasel’s arse” Blair

Sister Sweary McManhater’s belligerence almost makes me regret becoming a feminist. And to be fair to Blair, he’s no larger than a medium.

Update: My lovely wife reckons Ford lives in a fantasy world. This is shown in her newsletter where she describes her idols:

Girls like Daria Morgendorffer and Jane Lane from Daria; Janice Ian in Mean Girls; Parks and Recreation’s April Ludgate; the indescribably excellent Nessa from Gavin & Stacey.

The characters she identifies with are fictional, as is the patriarchal oppression she suffers.

Update II: Ford gets some dick into her.

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