Patriarchal Pringles Possibly Parenting Problem

An excerpt from Clementine Ford’s latest newsletter:

I knew where my mother hid the sour cream and chive Pringles (top level of the pantry, behind the flour), and I’d sneak up there to snatch fistfuls out. Terrified of getting caught, I’d quickly lick the oniony dust off of each crisp and then mash the entire handful into my mouth and crunch them away before anyone could discover me, my heart beating fast against my chest from the adrenaline, or possibly even the unregulated quantities of MSG.  My idea of an after school snack was mayonnaise and ham slathered on half a loaf of white bread and washed down with a litre of chocolate milk.

Ford, a self-confessed obnoxious child who “caused fights” was into sneaking food and binge eating because under the patriarchy, “girls were only allowed to love food, to take pleasure in consuming it and yearning for it.”

Proper parental management might well have prevented an obnoxious Clementine the child developing into a responsibility avoiding, obnoxious adult. It’s your life Clementine, stop whining and make the most of it.

Update: Men are the problem:

Patriarchy exists everywhere. Women suffer everywhere. Misogyny adapts different means of expressing itself. None of us are free.

Sister Clem should make herself one of those tasty ham, mayo and white bread sandwiches and calm down – obnoxiousness is much more of a man repellant than is a bulging waistline.

Click on the link above and scroll down to witness Ford in full-on women-are-victims attention seeking mode. Like my lovely wife says, “Ford lives in a fantasy world of oppression.” Hilarious, yet sad.