What’s not to like

Clementine Ford is forever banging on about frightening men and making them cry. What is it then about Clementine that brings men to tears, frightens them or otherwise might put them off? Superior twitter outrage Superior intellect Superior writing ability Superior sense of humour Superior moustache Superior vocabulary Testosterone-enriched body odour Almighty squirrel grip Colossal […]

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Lie Miners

The grandiosely named International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) earlier this year published the results of an “investigation” titled Fatal Extraction: Australian Mining’s Damaging Push Into Africa¬†which, amongst other things, describes the¬†serious injuries suffered by Caldwell Sichinga in an industrial accident in Malawi at the Kayelekera uranium mine operated by Australian miner Paladin Energy. The […]

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