All Feminists Must Die

An especially dimwitted West Australian teacher is blamed for  “victimisation” by students:

A Mandurah teacher who supplied students with a USB stick containing explicit photos is no longer teaching students, says the Department of Education. 

The John Tonkin College teacher was understood to have lent a thumb drive to a student last month, warning them not to click on “extremely graphic” photos filed on a USB stick.

Curiosity appears to have got the better of the student as they not only clicked on the photos, but reportedly shared them with friends, who then shared them with the world via social media.

The photos reportedly showed the teacher naked with her boyfriend.

The unfortunate teacher might want to seek the help of responsibility avoidance expert and Daily Life woman of the year nominee Clementine Ford:

This year she drew attention to the ongoing culture of victim blaming, posting a topless photo of herself on Facebook in protest of a post made by Seven’s Sunrise page. The post, linking to a news piece on the hacking theft of nude photographs from hundreds of South Australian women, was accompanied by the text, “What’s it going to take for women to get the message about taking and sending nude photos?” Ford’s response, which tore down the “when will women learn attitude”, gained 140,000 likes and was shared almost 30,000 times within a day.

Ford is, coincidentally, a Daily Life columnist, which accounts for the promotional blurb omitting mention of her childish, attention-seeking response: a selfie featuring “HEY #SUNRISE GET FUCKED” scrawled across her chest.

Ford’s antics notwithstanding, allowing personal information – photos, online banking details, passwords, PINs and the like – outside one’s control is taking a huge risk, as anyone with a modicum of sense would realise. (Imagine the reaction of your bank to a request that it reimburse you after your account is cleaned out when a former partner posts your online log-in details, you having given them to him in better times. Really dumb and therefore inarguable.)

Hoping to generate woman of the year sympathy votes, Ford has made a big deal out of troll-harassment at her Twitter and Facebook accounts.  Always keen to pitch a lefty cause, the ABC absolves Ford of responsibility:

Ever since a man lost his job because Clementine Ford reported his online abuse to his employer, flame-throwers have accused her, among other things, of being a man-hating whore.

The respected writer and commentator was called a bitch, a dumb c**t, and was told she deserved “to be gang raped by a pack of AIDS infested n*****s”.

On top of this, conservative commentators like Tim Blair accused her of hypocrisy because of her own tendency to not shy away from using strong language.

“Strong language” inaccurately characterises Ford’s preferred online vocabulary. In fact, Ford, in violation of the rules of troll-handling, doesn’t ignore trolls, she uses language calculated to attract trolls and then engages them, spending so much time interacting with them it’s hard to see how she gets time to write anything significant and probably explains why the latest excerpt from her upcoming book is overdue as is the latest instalment of the supposedly monthly The Misandry Hour.

Aware she’s under scrutiny, Ford’s online language is currently uncharacteristically civil. At Twitter, where she’s most active, there’s hardly a fuck or cunt in site. When challenged about a since deleted past reference to Miranda Devine as a “fucking cunt”, Ford responds: 

I was replying to a column where she argued ‘fucking gay cunt’ wasn’t a homophobic slur. Context is key. [Devine’s column is here.]

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