Greens MLC Mehreen Faruqi knows why women are more likely than men to create and sign online petitions:

“Women are disproportionately affected by issues of injustice, so they are more likely to speak out about them and online petitions do provide an easily accessible platform with a global reach,” she says. 

“In the last few years, we have seen Australia moving backwards on gender equality with a record high gender pay gap, epidemic proportions of violence against women and the lowest number of women in the Upper House of NSW parliament since 1981. Women are rightly saying enough is enough, things need to change and we will take charge in creating this change.”

Maybe downtrodden lefty females should, you know, spend more time actually doing, and less whining and petitioning; the we’re-victims-please-stop-oppressing-us schtick is wearing thin.

Update: My intelligent, successful – by any measure – wife finds it ironic that an elected parliamentarian, immigrant, Muslim, highly educated (PhD UNSW), female is complaining about the plight of Australian women.