Anybody have a rope?

Consummate attention seeker Clementine Ford names with absolute certainty, as if an eyewitness, the supposed perpetrator of an assault on a young woman: I received a number of emails about this last night. A 19 year old woman was beaten by her boyfriend on Friday night (graphic pictures attached). He left her face bloody and […]

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Shonky science

Science has told us for years not to eat meat: saturated fats will put you in an early grave and methane emissions from meat animals are killing the planet. As it turns out, animal fats are Okay and planet-killing animal related greenhouse gas emissions have been significantly overstated: Australian cattle do not produce as much carbon emissions as first […]

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Black on black racism

Leftists immediately labelled Andrew Bolt a racist when two of his articles were found to violate the Racial Discrimination Act. Will Aborigines be labelled racists if they lose a pending court case? Two Aboriginal-owned hotels in the Kimberley are being taken to court accused of racial discrimination. Three Fitzroy Crossing residents claim staff at the […]

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Money for nothing

Clementine Ford brought out her begging cup at the end of May 2015, urging the gullible to finance her, “monthly”,  The Misandry Hour. At the end of November 294 patrons were donating $1903.00 per month. As of today that has dropped to 272 patrons donating $1,581.56. It’s taken a while but even those with more money than sense have […]

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Intolerance Will Not Be Tolerated

Masked leftist thugs attack police and peaceful barbecue-goers at Cronulla: People regarded as being anti-Islam protesters have been set upon by members of a large anti-racism crowd numbering in the hundreds that has gathered to mark the 10th anniversary of the Cronulla riots. The anti-racism protesters – including a vocal minority called Antifa (anti-fascism) dressed in black with black face […]

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