Feminist Nina Funnell can’t resist scoring men-are-evil points off a tragic murder-suicide:

Damien Little, who murdered his two sons in Port Lincoln by deliberately driving off a wharf with them in the car, has been eulogised in some papers as a “top bloke” and “family man”.

Others have gone so far as to label him a “victim” and multiple news sites have urged us “not to victim-blame” him.

Heaven forbid we call out the actions of a man who murdered his children.

This is similar to her 2014 rant after Geoff Hunt killed his wife, three children and himself:

If a man walked into a classroom, pulled out a gun and shot three children and a teacher, before turning the gun on himself, we’d call it a massacre, and we’d call him a vicious murderer.

Yet when a man walks into his own home and shoots his three children and his wife before turning the gun on himself, he’s remembered in the press as a loving family man who was under some strain.

Yet Funnell expressed no such outrage – in fact, nary a word that can be found – after Raina Mersane Ina Thaiday (aka Mersane Warria) murdered her seven children and a niece coming up to Christmas 2014, media coverage portraying Thaiday as a nice woman and loving mother.

It is of no importance whatsoever that Little, Hunt and Thaiday committed crimes. What is important, are the extraordinary mental processes that allow apparently ordinary people to murder those closest to them.

The factors contributing to these tragedies are probably unique to each situation and certainly are not a product of misogyny, the patriarchy or media coverage. Highly educated lefty simpletons aiming to profit from such tragedies should put a sock in it.