Mass sex attacks equivalent to those over New Year’s Eve in Germany but committed by Australians don’t get the media attention they deserve because, you know, the perpetrators are privileged white males:

Why is assault only ‘real’ when it’s being done by outsiders? When it’s footballers being accused of pack rapes, do we see outraged mainstream voices calling for the removal of all football codes? No, we don’t. Rather, we’re more likely to hear people blame the victim. Why she was out so late, why she was drinking, why she was dressed like that, why she went home with a man she didn’t know. Even now, more than a decade since eleven members of the Cronulla Sharks raped a 19 year old girl in a hotel room, there are countless numbers of people who insist that nothing untoward happened and that she should have known what she was “getting in for”.

No charges were laid after the 2002 incident so it’s stretching things a bit to term it “rape”. (Any former Sharks players up for defamation action?)

The writer of this nonsense is, of course, Fairfax Media’s Clementine Ford, who conveniently ignores the closest Australian parallel to recent events in Germany: serial gang rapes committed in 2000 by ethnic Lebanese males targeting “Australian” females in and around Sydney.

Here’s a summary of events from Wikipedia:

  • Attackers offered a ride and a portion of cannabis to two teenage girls aged 17 and 18. The women were taken by the attackers to Northcote Park, Greenacre where more collaborators were waiting. The women were then forced to fellate eight males.
  • A 16-year-old girl was brought to Gosling Park, Greenacre by someone whom she believed was her friend, 17-year-old Mohammed Skaf. At the park she was raped by Mohammed’s brother Bilal Skaf and one other man, with twelve other men present who she said were “standing around, laughing and talking in their own language”. The second man held a gun to her head and kicked her in the stomach before she was able to escape.
  • Another woman was approached by attackers at the Bankstown railway station, who proposed she join them in smoking some cannabis at another location. She agreed and went with them; however she was taken to three separate locations by the men and raped 25 times by a total of fourteen men in an ordeal that lasted six hours. After the attacks the woman was hosed down with a fire hose. The woman, who was known during the trial as ‘C’ to protect her identity, later told her story to 60 Minutes . She told of how the attackers called her an “Aussie Pig”, asked her if  “Leb cock tasted better than Aussie cock” and explained to her that she would now be raped “Leb-style”.
  • Two girls, both 16, were taken by the attackers from Beverly Hills railway station to a house in another suburb, where three men repeatedly raped them over a period of five hours. One of the victims was told that “You deserve it because you’re an Australian”.
  • A further series of gang rapes were said to have been attempted but thwarted. Four of the attackers were also convicted for an attack on Friday 4 August 2000 when they approached a fourteen-year-old girl on a train where she was threatened with violence, punched twice, slapped, and told that she would be forced to perform fellatio on several men and that she was going to be raped.

Ford concludes her column:

What feminists like myself are refusing to do is to participate in the charade pretending these things only matter, are only important, are only violent – indeed, only become REAL – when perpetrated by certain kinds of men. Violence against women occurs throughout all cultures because patriarchy and misogyny thrive everywhere. And yet, in the west we have found countless ways to mitigate it, erase it entirely or acknowledge it but place the blame squarely on the victim’s shoulders. If you care about women, care about all women. If you condemn the attacks in Cologne (as you should), condemn also the same, less organised attacks involving the same violation of bodily autonomy that women complain of daily (as you must). Women have the right to be protected from all harassment and violation, not just the kind you disapprove of. You cannot have it both ways.

Like so many lefties Ford lives in an alternate reality.

Update: Ford was the other day outraged at media outlets for portraying Damien Little as an everyday sort of bloke prior to committing murder and suicide. No doubt she’ll be equally outraged at sentiments expressed by Little’s tragically unfortunate wife:

“Damien was my childhood sweetheart who became my loving husband”.

“Damien valued and appreciated our close-knit family, he put us first, we were his whole world. He spent every hour providing quality time and teaching the boys how to live and grow.

“He spent every hour providing quality time and teaching the boys how to live and grow.

“Damien I loved you so much you have left a huge hole in my heart, our memories I will cherish forever. You will not be forgotten.

“My wish is for Damien to be remembered as a well-respected and valued member of our family and our community.

Update II: Perpetually outraged childless spinster Ford is further outraged at people who question why a seven year old girl raped in a public toilet wasn’t more closely watched by a parent.

Update III: Ford attempts to shift attention to the broader German population:

No concern for the hundreds of [sex assault] complaints from Oktoberfest every year?

Let’s see, 6.4 million people attended Oktoberfest 2013, of which at least 3 million would have been males. Had these male Oktoberfest attendees sexually assaulted woman at the same rate as the 1,000 Cologne predators, 510,000 women would have been assaulted. The actual 2013 figures: 16 alleged sexual assaults. Your typical German male appears to be more interested in drinking beer than assaulting woman; for many of the asylum seekers it’s the other way round.

Update IV: Alleged Cologne assaults have increased:

Police said on Tuesday they had to bring in extra prosecutors to deal with the total 653 allegations, of which more than a third were of sexual assault.

The 510,000 figure now stands at 645,000.


  1. Love your work here.
    Keep exposing hypocrites like Ford, they well deserve it.
    A point on the 2002 football non-rape. It was the Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs not Cronulla.


  2. Re: update III

    Why would you make that tweet without having first checked that the relevant statistics backed up your point?

    Is this woman genuinely a moron?


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