To cater to the prejudices of simple-minded feminists Clementine Ford restricts her Daily Life columns to just three topics, or variations thereof: rape culture, misogyny and patriarchy. Rape culture comes up in topical rotation in her latest column:

If you’re still in doubt about the existence of rape culture in our supposedly progressive western society, you need only look at some of the responses to a recent incident of sexual assault to be fully apprised of its reality. A 14 year old boy is arrested and charged with sexually assaulting a 7 year old girl in a public bathroom, and members of the public fall over themselves to ask why the girl was allowed to go to the toilet by herself. Yes, really.

It’s testament to how deeply rape culture is embedded that we can even see it being enacted against children. It seems astonishing that anyone could rush to make excuses for the alleged 14 year old perpetrator of sexaul [sic] assault against a 7 year old child, and yet here we are.

In this case it’s no more unreasonable to question an apparent lack of parental supervision than had the girl drowned on an excursion to a Sydney beach.

Apparently thinking they had engaged a comedienne, Ford was allowed to present on Rape Culture at TEDxSouthBankWomen in 2014:

In amongst describing women’s shitting habits, vaginas dissimilarity to cars and her boyfriend’s dismay at not being able to enjoy a single dinner without hearing her rape rants, Ford asserts:

Rape culture is pretending rape culture doesn’t exist.

It’s people preferring to believe that the women in their lives are potential victims rather than accepting that the men in their lives are potential predators.

So there you have it: questioning rape culture’s existence proves its existence and all men are rapists in waiting.

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