Femifascist Clementine Ford confines her writing to three bogus male-damning constructs: patriarchy, rape culture and misogyny. So, it’s no surprise she blames a male for her failure to meet publicly stated commitments to publish online:

You’ll notice this excerpt is extraordinarily overdue. It’s been weeks and weeks since I last contacted you. This whole thing happened where a guy got himself fired for unbecoming conduct on social media and half the world’s cry babies needed to tell me how they felt about it. It was very boring and annoying.

The tardiness of new episodes of The Misandry Hour and excerpts from her new book have nothing to do, of course, with hours spent on Twitter and Facebook and an extended overseas holiday photographing Balinese dogs and the nether regions of monkeys.

In the book excerpt Ford displays the creative use of language for which she’s noted:

For a start, literally no feminist I know gives one iota of a fuck about the problems any man has with how we conduct our own movement. And secondly, fuck off.

No talent but plenty of hate; no wonder she’s something of a lefty celebrity.

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