A Facebook repost – the photo unobscured – from Australia’s preeminent vigilante frightbat:

CF Facebook justice

A typical comment:

CF kneecaps

The post was later silently removed. That’s twice in a month Clementine Ford has posted photos of male miscreants, inviting they be subject to internet justice. Her exceptionally poor judgement will eventually end her up in court.

Update: A Rugby player’s drunken antics outrage Ford:

The latest player to sully the average reputation of the NRL is Sydney Rooster’s captain, Mitchell Pearce. A video filmed on Australia Day has shown a very inebriated Pearce engaging in several disgusting acts of harassment and degradation while at a house party. The most unusual of these acts depicts Pearce simulating a ‘lewd act’ with a poodle. Pearce is expected to be stripped of his captaincy, fined up to $50,000 and banned from participating in next month’s World Club Challenge in England.

But while it’s this pretence at bestiality that seems to have captured the public’s imagination (and indeed, provoked such a decisive response from the club), scant attention has been given to the other victim of Pearce’s misconduct. Prior to the incident involving the poodle, Pearce was filmed trying to kiss the woman who owned the apartment and to whom the dog belonged. She rebuffs his attempts and after that he sits on her couch, grabs her dog and mimes sexually assaulting it. She takes the dog away, but he repeats the act and says, “I want to f— your dog and I don’t even care.” By this stage, the woman has repeatedly told Pearce to leave, noting that he’s not only urinated on himself but also on her furniture. He ignores her, and after telling him over and over to “Get out”, his friends eventually take him away.

An alternative view:

Let’s put to one side the moral and ethical questions about Mitchell Pearce’s behaviour and agree that drunken and offensive behaviour is not acceptable. However, in saying that, the incident occurred in a private home. It was not a public act, it wasn’t intended to offend the public, and the only reason we know about is because it was secretly recorded.

Imagine being filmed in your backyard, or wherever you go, and having that content shared online.

The footballer was filmed, presumably without his consent, and that footage was sold or provided to the media. End of career.

I have little sympathy for Mitchell Pearce’s behaviour, yet I have a little sympathy for the way it has become public.

Now, no party, BBQ, dinner gathering, social event, gig, or any activity, public or private, is immune from being recorded and distributed world-wide. We have no privacy. If it is not mobile phones filming us, it is neighbours with drones.

Those who condemn Mitchell Pearce and demand his sacking and public humiliation should think for a moment about their behaviour.

Imagine having to worry that every time you made a politically incorrect comment in private it could end up on the internet. Imagine every party you’ve been to, every private gathering, every get together with old friends, being secretly filmed and uploaded. Imagine being filmed in your backyard, or wherever you go, and having that content shared online.

Why does no one consider the feelings of the victimised poodle?



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