The ABC promotes a three-part series on tagging:

Tagging, the act of writing your graffiti name with spray paint or markers, is one of the most maligned, misunderstood and prosecuted forms of self expression.

From its early beginnings in struggling New York City neighbourhoods to suburban Australian alleyways, artists and some members of the public remain divided over the artistic value of graffiti.

Taggers are apparently anti-capitalist:

Much like advertising, graffiti is about impact, and many prolific taggers justify what they do as retaliation against the proliferation of corporate advertising.

“It is like the human response to hard-edge corporate logos … that you can’t go and buy at the shop,” Clarke Aaron of Giant Productions, a Melbourne urban art supplies store, said.

Professor Young agreed: “One reason why tagging is challenging or unpopular, controversial, is because it’s making explicit the idea that you don’t have to buy into that kind of corporate culture, that you can create your own.”

Trust an academic to intellectualise the efforts of morons with spray cans.

Update: An irreparably damaged “masterpiece” is improved.

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