With 65 Tweets in less than six hours, yesterday was Clementine Ford periodic-Twitter-frenzy day. The Catholic church was the object of her outrage.

This is the crux of Ford arguing that Catholics are more evil than Islamic terrorists:

Pedophile priests

A fellow Twitternaut chimes in:

All priests pedophiles

Ford responds to the suggestion she is maligning all priests:

CF, sue me

Here Ford applies a Vatican estimate that two percent of priests are pedophiles:

CF terrorist %

A similar numbers game was played following the Cologne New Year’s sex assaults, Ford arguing that the attacks were insignificant because the perpetrators were a tiny percentage of total recent immigrants.

So here we have Ford lashing out at Catholics while again refusing to find fault with Islam. Her illogicality is monumental.

Two percent of Catholic priests are presumed to be pedophiles, that amounts to some 8,300 individuals. These men will commit despicable crimes that wreck lives, however, it isn’t Catholics who:

  • condone or even support terrorists in their ranks;
  • actively recruit people willing to engage in criminal activity;
  • take females as the spoils of war;
  • trade and sell females as sex slaves;
  • mutilate female genitals;
  • conscript child soldiers;
  • hack off heads;
  • proudly publicise children holding up severed heads;
  • take their own children to war zone;
  • incinerate a caged opposition soldier;
  • perpetrate genocide;
  • have sanction to kill non-believers and those who quite the faith;
  • regard female as possessions;
  • fly airliners into buildings;
  • have sanction to rough up the wife if she misbehaves;
  • engage in religiously motivated mass shootings;
  • run a British soldier over with a car and then attempt to behead him in the street;
  • put bombs on aircraft;
  • bomb holiday locations frequented by decadent non-believers;
  • declare their intention of world domination.

Somewhere in that addled brain Ford must realise that the evils committed by, and yet to be committed by, Muslims are far more significant than those committed by Catholics and pedophile priests. Regardless, as a feminist of the far left Marxist fringe she isn’t about to say anything; to do so would be politically incorrect.

Update: It’s no surprise that Ford also despises Republicans:

Marco Rubio can shove his opinion up his dickhole, let it live there for 9 months and then be forced to piss it out.

How did Rubio get this charming woman in a lather? He said he opposes abortion but will go with whatever comes out of Congress should he become President.

Disagree with two time abortion veteran – believe it or not – and totalitarian Ford’s opinion that foetuses should be sliced and diced on demand and you can stick it up your dickhole, mate.

Update II: For only $20 you can join Clementine Ford and feminist pals in celebrating International Women’s Day:

This special one-night event intertwines theatre and discussion with an interactive Playback theatre performance and a Q&A panel featuring prominent feminists.

The term ‘feminist’ has evolved over the centuries and decades. In this special evening, we will explore the meaning of the word, its origins and the importance of the movement today.

The highlight of the evening? A frightbat flyby.

Wonder Women.png

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