The latest Daily Life column from Clementine Ford is, of course, about evil males: The four predictably basic moves of men’s rights activists”.

The basic moves:

  1. He will probably open by calling you ugly and/or fat

  2. At some point, he will call you a spoilt child

  3. When you fight back or laugh at him, he will accuse you of cyberbullying

  4. They’ll try to shame you for letting down ‘real feminists’

A Twitternaut civilly chides Ford:

CF - ironic conflation

A somewhat one-sided discussion ensues, wordsmith Ford deploying her vast vocabulary and superior intellect:

:CF - Fuck Off

Ford’s Daily Life column is predictably provocative, men who disagree with her characterised as: bargain bin dildos; crotch-stains; pathetically limp and small; useless human beings; sad, weird losers; thin skinned; deranged; giant babies; ridiculous; oxygen thieves; thinking their dicks are made of gold; and dribbling and throwing tantrums.

According to Ford, Daily Life stopped taking comments because moderators were overwhelmed by vileness. Cool, now the Daily Life vileness is one way. ‘Tis better to give …

Update: A male is beguiled:

CF - dominatrix

Possible money maker: invest in rubber, there could be a latex shortage.

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