Comedienne, writer and social worker Dierdre Fidge tries to, er, make a point:

Tale as old as time, song as old as rhyme … Beauty and the Stockholm Syndrome.

But it’s OK that the Beast locks her in a room for months on end with sentient candlesticks and annoyingly chipper wardrobes, because he loves her.

Sure, the character in Love Actually that has a secret intense love for his best friend’s wife, played by Keira Knightly, is incredibly creepy. It’s OK, because he loves her.

 Get to the point, Dierdre:

I hate to be a buzzkill (just kidding! I love it) but violence against women is a very real issue. In Australia, one woman dies at the hands of her partner each week.

One in four women have experienced emotional violence from a partner. Violence doesn’t have to be a black eye for it to be abuse and very real.

Too true. And since women are known to be as belligerent as men, they are inflicting at least as much “emotional violence” on their partners. This innocent-women-are-being-abused-wholesale whining is ridiculous.

Update: This update is now a discrete post. Go here.

One thought on “MEN BAD

  1. “Lucky man” I bet he believes that as well.

    So it appears that men also suffer from Stockholm syndrome, its called male feminism, or in this case dating a man hater.

    love the blog, keep up the good work.


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