The Sydney Morning Herald homepage offers three different takes on the one non-story:

SMH comedian over the top

SMH gender issue

SMH third go

Instead of moving the piece around the homepage it should have been shifted to the trash.

Anyway, there’s no mistaking Mooney’s misogyny:

Lawrence Mooney harasses ‘deadshit’ female journalist for Adelaide Fringe review

Comedian Lawrence Mooney has launched a scathing tirade against a female journalist, calling her a “deadshit” and “f***ing amateur” for her unfavourable review of his latest show.

That the reviewer is female is totally irrelevant, Mooney making only passing reference to her sex: “She is a tiny mind.”

A male Twitternaut getting the final word to express the prevailing leftist view:

Lawrence Mooney wants everybody to know that Australian comedy is a safe space for men and young women shouldn’t criticise him.

Like all Twitter-spats this one is inconsequential. And surely anyone with even half a brain realises that a male can strenuously disagree with a female without manifesting misogyny.

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