Feminist heavyweight Clementine Ford has a thing for moustachioed men:

CF-go to guy

And there is a “lucky” mo-man:

CF-my fella

That would be Tom Selleck. It’s a Ford festival of facial fuzz. And “my fella” sounds a bit like an ownership thing – can’t imagine any man would be game to publicly refer to Clemmy as “my gal” or that she’d tolerate it.

Update: Ford’s latest Daily Life offering is the same old schtick – men are evil, footballers are especially evil, footballers and their fans are either rapists or rape supporters, mateship oppresses women and so on. The column blatantly attempts to ride the wave of near-hysteria generated by the Garry Lyon – Billy Brownless kerfuffle by making it a gender issue.

In a possible first, however, Ford expresses compassion for a man who isn’t an overt feminist:

Amidst the story, Lyon’s management has revealed he’s been battling depression and will stand down from his media duties for the foreseeable future. Lyon is the co-host of Channel Nine’s The Footy Show and Footy Classified, as well as being a Triple M commentator and a columnist for The Age.

But where revelations of mental unrest would normally result in public sympathy, the conflation of Lyon’s condition with his apparent crime of ‘stealing another bloke’s (ex) wife’ has resulted in some fans casting doubt on his condition.

That’s a bit cryptic but very interesting in that Ford callously rejected the notion that mental health problems contributed to Damien Little killing himself and his boys (by driving his car off a jetty):

 Community discourse in this country still suffers from an inability to balance what we think we know about family violence with what is actually presented to us. Violence is more often hidden in shadows, primarily because the choice to perpetrate violence is exactly that – a choice. The issue of mental health is always raised. But while men’s mental health is an important issue, it’s also a distraction. Most mentally ill men don’t murder their family members. And all this focus does is continue to position harm to women and children as the sad by-product of the greater tragedy of men’s low self-esteem.

Ford is a crass opportunist pandering to the prejudices of those who regard men as the root of all evil. This is how she pays her bills. But she does deserve credit for her world-class ranga wo-mo.


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