It outrages* me – an over 60 year-old male – that a young Australian female harbours such obvious prejudices:


That Tweet is a tad ironic considering it’s by an ambassador for the Racism It Stops With Me campaign, who is outraged that a young female paid homage to favourite singer Kanye West by donning brown-face makeup.

The outrage generator is fellow basketballer and sometime teammate Alice Kunek, who has riled not only Cambage, but the Melbourne Boomers, Australia’s Race Discrimination Commissioner Dr Tim Soutphommasane and pretty much every lefty on social media.

Get lives folks; Kunek is young and naive, whereas Cambage is spiteful. Direct some of that outrage her way.

By the way, Cambage’s question above is answered by a fellow Twitternaut:

Cambage reply

Update: Kunek is “appallingly racist”. This from another female who wants men, especially old white men, to shut the fuck up.

Update II: Cambage’s marketing and brand manager reckons his client is “gutted” by the “race row”, adding she “is passionate about equality on all levels”. And I’m gutted* that Cambage’s passion for equality doesn’t extend to old white men.

Update III: Cambage is a “hero” and “national treasure” and anyone who disagrees with her is a “troll” unwilling to be “usefully informed and enlightened”. Cambidge is presumably a “national treasure” because she’s a noted basketballer – being 6’8″ helps just a little. And she has to be the whiniest “hero” ever.


* Not really, I’m just trying to get in on the outrage action.

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