Young people simply don’t think right:

More than a third of young people surveyed said it was hard to respect a woman who was drunk and more than a fifth said it was hard to be respectful of a woman who wore revealing clothing.

Mary Barry, the chief executive of Our Watch, said these attitudes needed to be challenged.

This is, of course, a gender issue;

Beenush Khokhar, a 20-year-old fourth-year law student at the Queensland University of Technology, started the Women’s Collective last year.

She said her generation needed a better understanding of gender equality, including education about sexual consent.

“They won’t want to do something but they will kind of be forced to because someone might say ‘you would do it if you loved me’,” Ms Khokhar said.

“Or once something has happened and they come forward as a victim of sexual assault, and their situation is just dismissed on the basis that they were drinking or they kissed the guy or they went to his bedroom, as if any of those are consent to rape.”

Your opinions are invalid, change your thinking, or else.

Update: Parents can’t be allowed to decide what’s right for their children.

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