Unable to find anyone suitably skilled, the Global Governance research unit at WZB Berlin Social Science Center has employed Australian Jew Antony Loewenstein as a “researcher” – this has absolutely, positively nothing whatsoever to do with any lingering Holocaust guilt.

Loewenstein recently delivered a lecture – stop laughing, this is serious – about his book Disaster Capitalism. The following excerpt is from notes attached to the lecture video:

Australia is the only nation in the world that has privatised all its immigration detention facilities. British multinational Serco runs the centres on the Australian mainland and Australian firm Broadspectrum manages the facilities on the Pacific island of Nauru and Papua New Guinea’s Manus Island. Journalists are banned, government employees face persecution in Australia for speaking out against any problems or abuses they witness, murder, rape and sexual assaults are common and yet the profits keep rolling in. Both Serco and Broadspectrum, despite vast evidence detailing their wilful inability to compassionately care for asylum seekers, have received multi-billion contracts from the Australian government.

First, let’s look at the wording. Nah, “persecution” and “wilful inability” coming from an experienced journalist and best-selling author are too silly to warrant comment.

It’s no joke, however, that Loewenstein, who, for reasons I cannot comprehend, continues to expand his audience, is overseas spouting off about situations he knows next to nothing about. Although he doesn’t define “common”, Loewenstein implies that “murder, rape and sexual assaults are rife in detention centres. Who is committing these crimes? Are staff preying on their fellows, or on asylum seekers? Or is it that asylum seekers are preying on each other?

Regardless, it’s ridiculous that a respected educational institution such as WZB – German government funded, by the way – provides a cachet of authoritativeness for Loewenstein’s ravings. Then again, maybe Germans want to dumb down.

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