Is Twitter is a swamp teeming with outrage ogres, intolerant imbeciles, glass-jawed provocateurs and  self-righteous, self-important shit-spouters?

Yes, but Twitter does, however, have a reliable source of reasoned debate, a beacon of logical thought, measured commentary and general positivity:

It’s no wonder Clementine Ford writes for Fairfax, is a sought after public speaker and is a role model for Australia’s more enlightened females. And fortunately for Uber users, Ford’s vagina is not a car.

Update: Ford, perpetually ranting and raving about men making the internet an unsafe space for women, asks a fellow feminist about her online experiences:

You once said about your readers at The Toast, “if men show up, that’s great, but we don’t need them.” It’s a view I share, but the idea that women might not need men in order to value what they and other women are doing still seems to provoke so much defensiveness and hostility. Why do you think that is and have you personally experienced that?

Honestly no. I really haven’t. I know these people are out there. I get less than my fair share of nonsense. They’re not coming to The Toast and hanging out. If you don’t get a lot of traction, people won’t show up. If you really want to have a big argument with someone and they don’t engage then it’s awfully hard to get that conversation started. I don’t really care, which I think is another reason why we don’t get into a ton of fights. There are plenty of spaces out there that cater to men and that’s fantastic. We’re not really that place. The community developed its own boundaries and figured out how to control its own borders. Frankly, they’re are a lot of great guys on the internet but they don’t need a parade.

Ford is relentlessly provocative and overtly hostile, loves engaging in Twitter slanging matches and takes pleasure in blocking anyone with a dissenting opinion – for her, 20,000+ blocked accounts is a badge of honour. It’s one big attention seeking ploy.

Update II: Not keen on Catholics, vigilante Ford advises, “Burn the whole church down.”

Facebook follower David Owens: “I agree…burn the church down with Pell and his mates still in it…”

Hope nobody takes that as an actual incitement to violence.



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