Delicate flowers are protected:

Just days before the conservative commentator Ben Shapiro was slated to speak at California State University at Los Angeles, the institution’s president, William A. Covino, called off the event after some people on the campus expressed concerns about Mr. Shapiro’s appearance.

Shapiro, an editor at and Breitbart, is determined to appear:


Harvard educated Jews are such rabble rousers.

Update: Shapiro gets the OK:

Covino later reversed his decision, saying in a Thursday statement that he “strongly” disagrees with Shapiro’s views. “But if Mr. Shapiro does appear, the university will allow him to speak,” the CSULA president said.

Update II: Student protesters make their safe space unsafe for others:

Members of the California State University Los Angeles Black Student Union assaulted Breitbart News journalist Adelle Nazarian on Thursday as she tried to cover their protest against a lecture by Breitbart News editor Ben Shapiro.

The story above has video.

Update III: Free speech was exercised via the back door:

Students were prevented from entering by approximately 150 demonstrators standing outside the front entrance.

However, attendees managed to slip into the auditorium through the back entrance, prompting Shapiro to observe that in today’s America, conservatives were forced to exercise their First Amendment rights “by the back door.”

Once the speech began, efforts to disrupt it continued. The fire alarm was pulled; Shapiro kept speaking, to cheers from the audience.


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