A concerned father objects to his daughter’s “inappropriate” gym attire:

Police allege the 54-year-old Bonython father saw his daughter talking to a young man before gesturing for her to approach him.

When she did not come, the man approached his daughter and attempted to “cover her up” by grabbing the jumper she was holding and forcing her to put it on, the court heard.

She allegedly resisted ran to another area of the gym, according to the Statement of Facts tendered to court.

Police allege the man followed his daughter and raised his hand at her, before she turned away from him as he hit her across the shoulders, neck and head with an open hand.

Several gym patrons witnessed the alleged assault and intervened. The man was arrested shortly before 10:00pm and charged with common assault.

The man’s defence lawyer Hugh Jorgensen told the court the father tried to put a jumper on his daughter because she was “inappropriately attired”, and cited the man’s Muslim faith.

Being Muslim might also account for the aggressive disciplining.

Surely feminists will loudly condemn this egregious example of “controlling behaviour and domestic violence”. Or maybe not.

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