Zahra Stardust, PhD candidate in Porn Studies at UNSW, author of classics such as Critical Femininities, Fluid Sexualities, and Queer Temporalities: Erotic Performers on Objectification, Femmephobia and Oppression and Fists are for Fucking, not Fighting, laments the dearth of sex education for queer girls:

“I wanted to know about cleaning toys, using condoms with toys, the purpose of gloves and dams, how lubricant would affect latex, and how to best avoid body fluids or bacteria accumulating in harnesses and being transmitted with new partners.”

Schools just aren’t educating properly. Maeve Marsden helps fill the void, so to speak:

My feminist cabaret act, Lady Sings it Better, was asked by ACON’s women’s project, Claude, to create a video to promote women’s sexual health.

We reinvented the old ‘condom on a banana’ demonstration in a fun and decidedly feminine way, focusing on the importance of using latex gloves during safe sex (which can prevent cuts to the genital area during sex and therefore decrease the risk of contracting STIs).

WARNING: Explicit language, screechy vocals and unpleasant images (and I don’t mean the mangled fruit).

Marsden and mates want to fuck fellow females like animals. Duh, animal sex typically involves a vagina AND a penis.

Update: Not exactly a love song, that. “You let me violate you, you let me desecrate you,” could well be from a rapist to a victim. Watermelon fisting and the song was used in the film Se7en, which contains sadistic violence and a fatal rape. Insufficient thought went into the song choice. 


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