Facebook’s enforcement of its terms of service infuriates a feminist heavyweight:

[L]et’s be clear, the only culture at risk of being “offended” by the image of a non-sexualised breast (or by the thought of women retaliating against misogyny, particularly when it’s racialised) is the frat boy culture that permeates Facebook’s headquarters. This culture of white supremacist male entitlement thrives on the sexualisation and objectification of women’s bodies. It defends the use of degrading, misogynist “humour” as something not only innate to democracy but also the responsibility of hyper-precious, irrational women to just “get over”. 

That’s hyper-precious objectifier of males Clementine Ford, who’ll be adding weight to Monday nights Q&A, where she’ll bring awareness to men’s violence against women”. It’s always best for violence to be aware.

Update: Facebook’s misogynist, white supremacist frat boys allow a Ford rant to remain online:

This is such fucking BULLSHIT, Facebook. How fucking CONVENIENT for you that it’s only in the presentation of women’s naked bodies being portrayed for non-sexualised purposes that you are suddenly overwhelmed with the need to “respect” people’s cultural sensitivities. You have no compunction about giving freedom of expression to misogynists who objectify women’s bodies on your platform or share gratuitously violent fantasies about degrading them. No, these are considered well within your “community guidelines” and part of people’s “freedom of speech”.

Your policies and practice are a complete fucking joke and these tepid explanations are embarrassing. Just admit that you don’t want to piss off the frat boy baby contingent that your organisation spawned from and be done with it.

Someone can’t cope with powerlessness.

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