Rosie Batty, in a video discussion with a Swedish domestic violence offender, says she, “Never ever, not for one moment, not ever thought [Greg Anderson] could do something like [murder his son]”. This directly contradicts her book, much of the chapter, Threat, describing her fear Anderson might kill Luke and then himself. (This fear based on Luke telling Batty his father had shown him a knife, “[Dad saying] he was tired of this life and wanted to go to the next life and he said he wanted me to go with him.”)

Batty should be Responsibility Avoider of The Year rather than Australian of The Year. Her book recounts the “emotional and physical abuse” inflicted by Greg Anderson, the eventual killer of their son. She asked Anderson to absent himself from her life, which he did. Eight years later Batty sought out Anderson, rekindled their relationship and allowed him to impregnate her. She should have known better.

Politics beckons. The conflicting accounts above could be practice – she simply misspoke or, perhaps, misremembered.

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