Explanatory notes for Clementine Ford’s latest podcast:

This is a little overdue, but we had some editing challenges. Anyway, here is the latest episode of The Misandry Hour! I speak with Jax Brown and Rachel Thorne about sex and the politics of the body. Jax is a queer woman and disability activist and Rachel is a fat woman and writer of kink erotica.

Bear in mind that both of these women are good friends of mine, and that might account for any instances of ‘familiarity’ on my part in our conversation. Also, these are just two accounts from two women familiar with sex and body politics and is not at all meant to provide a definitive guide.

Fat sex, queer sex, disabled sex, appropriate Ford topics.

Update: For someone cohabiting with “a very handsome and nice gentleman”, Ford spends way too much time fantasising about other men:

She’d also like to “take” a Hemsworth, or two.

Update II: The Misandry Hour listeners are repeatedly told it’s a monthly production, Ford encouraging them to help cover costs by donating through Patreon, where she notes the monthly schedule following a delayed start, “after that it will a steady monthly stream of misandry, delivered direct to your ears”.

The Misandry Hour looks more and more like a scam. In the latest podcast Ford interviews two close friends, both of whom were paid for their time.

She’s been taking donations since May, the first episode released via iTunes on 22/09/2015. Further episodes were released on 18/10/2015, 21/01/2016 and 15/03/2016. That’s nowhere nearly monthly.

Given donations and total running time to date, The Misandry Hour looks to cost over US$3,000 per hour. Ford could rent a Hemsworth for that sort of cash.

Update III: Heavyweight support for comrades:

Come on Clemmy, tell the male-dominated Fairfax Media board what a bunch of fucking cunts you think they are.

Update IV: Within hours of Fairfax job cuts, contractee Ford moves to secure alternative income:

Commie Ford is all for wealth redistribution: from the gullible to her.



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