Rosie Batty isn’t the only media darling considering a political career:

An Indigenous prime minister of Australia is inevitable, Aboriginal journalist Stan Grant has said as he confirms he is thinking “very carefully” about aligning himself to a major party.

“I dare say there is not a single person in the Parliament who could lay claim to the broad life experiences that I’ve had. You learn a lot of things along the way.”

“We were beyond dirt poor. This was a hand-to-mouth existence.”

He recalled his grandmother, a white woman who married an Aboriginal man, who had 13 children and called herself a “white Aborigine”.

“She used to say to me all the time ‘he’ll be prime minster one day this boy’.”

Modesty is always an asset but it won’t be easy for Grant not to get a swollen head after delivering a speech that is “Australia’s Martin Luther King Jr moment”.

But some might question Grant’s priorities:

“At the moment, [indigenous affairs] sits in the same basket as gay marriage and the republic. These things we get to once we’ve dealt with the serious business.”

The guy’s trying to make lefty heads explode.

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