The eye-catching graphic immediately below is displayed on an Australian Human Rights Commission page titled Face the facts: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex People:


Bother to read the page’s text and you’ll encounter less certainty:

Australians of diverse sexual orientation, sex or gender identity may account for up to 11 per cent of the Australian population.[1]

The cited source [1] is a Department of Social Service document titled National Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex (LGBTI) Ageing and Aged Care Strategy, which does indeed cite the up to 11 per cent figure but does not give the source of the figure. Gee, it’s almost as if the AHRC looked around for and used the highest figure that’s remotely reputable – an unsubstantiated figure cited in strategy paper on aged care certainly isn’t.

The 11% figure is almost certainly an overestimation. The Australian Longitudinal Study of Health and Relationships  states that 2.1% of Australian adults identify as lesbian, gay or bisexual. This is in line with the more recent Sexual identity, sexual attraction and sexual experience: the Second Australian Study of Health and Relationships, which offers 97% of males and 96% of females identifying as heterosexual. It is therefore reasonable to conclude that, at the most, some five percent of Australians are LGBTI.

The AHRC, like many government funded institutions, has been infiltrated by the left, operates according to a leftist agenda and cannot be trusted.

Update: Rights, for the AHRC it’s all about rights. Except when it comes to parents:

“We would support measures to improve and enhance the resources, and to ensure the age-appropriateness of materials for children and young people,” said National Children’s Commissioner Megan Mitchell.

“However, there does need to be careful consideration of the impact of the Government’s proposed parental consent measures on children struggling with sexual orientation, gender identity or intersex status.

“While we recognise the rights of parents to be informed and engaged in their child’s education, it is important to ensure children who have not yet ‘come out’ to their family can still access the program and its resources.”

It’s paradoxical that lefties demand women have life or death control of the unborn but a mother can’t be trusted to do what’s best for her children.


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