It turns out the evil, all-powerful patriarchy isn’t taking advantage of female workers after all:

Glassdoor chief economist Dr Andrew Chamberlain said the paper’s take-home message was that the gender pay gap was real, but that its primary cause was not workplace discrimination.

Dr Chamberlain said in early studies, many economists assumed all unexplained differences between male and female pay were caused by overt workplace discrimination.

“But as research has accumulated, a more nuanced view has emerged,” he said.

“The sorting of men and women into different occupations has emerged as one of the main drivers of the gender pay gap — a factor that has little to do to with overt bias and reflects complex social pressures that divert women into some professions and away from others.”

The Sydney Morning Herald covers the same ground, emphasising that females earn only 83¢ for every $1 earned by males but fails to mention the lack of discrimination. Funny that.


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