The Australian Human Rights Commissions’s overestimation of LGTB numbers is minor compared to the Safe Schools Coalition’s manipulation, with 16% of the population claimed to be LGBTI, the same sex attracted supposedly making up 10% of the population. But check the source of that 10% figure and you’ll discover this disclaimer:

These numbers are higher than in previous surveys and may indicate an increased number of young people prepared to come out as experiencing same sex attraction. However the recruitment of an online sample may also account for increased numbers of same sex attracted young people who are known to be experienced and frequent users of online sites.

Read the fine print:

This study has a number of limitations.

Using convenience sampling for both recruitment methods [school-based recruitment and online recruitment] rather than random sampling may have affected the generalisability of the results. As previously discussed, this decision was made because of the increasing difficulty of obtaining adequate numbers of participants using more traditional methods of sample acquisition.

Let’s trust this mob to transmit accurate information to Australia’s children.

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