Another STOP THE MOSQUES furore with spectators unfurling the banner – apparently the same one displayed at the Collingwood-Richmond game – at last night’s West Coast-Fremantle match. Perth media outlets are typically outraged: WA Today – “Perth footy in shame as racist banner shown” and Perth Now – “Racist disgrace at Subiaco mars derby”. The banner was quickly removed with those responsible escorted from the ground in handcuffs for displaying an “unauthorised religious banner” and could suffer banishment from Domain Stadium.

That the banner is deemed “religious” is the clue that racism is simply not an issue here: Islam is not a race and neither are its physical manifestations.

Update: The WA Today homepage link now reads “Anti-mosque banner at Derby draws ire of footy community”, the piece itself now containing a little-known fact: “Adam Goodes was forced into retirement in 2015 in the wake of [a] racism row”. You know, playing 304 games was enough for Goodes.



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