Add Jane Gilmore to the list of feminists bleating about men behaving badly on campus:

Sexual violence is as prevalent in Australia as it is in America, concentrated here, as it is there, among young people between the ages of 18 and 24. We don’t yet have reliable data specific to universities here, but the National Union of Students conducted a small survey in 2015, which found “nearly three quarters of respondents had experienced some form of sexual harassment or unwelcome sexual behaviour”.

Respondents were solicited via advertising so the online survey is iffy at best and considering some of the trivial misbehaviours cited it’s amazing that only three quarters reported being sexually harassed:

Unwanted behaviour

The dubious survey is used as evidence of the value of The Hunting Ground, not because the “documentary” reflects reality – it doesn’t – but because it is, as are many fictional works, “heart-wrenching”. 

Gilmore then veers from the merely absurd into the infinite realm of feminist insanity:

Alcohol is a persistent factor in sexual violence, often given as an excuse for the perpetrator, and a source of blame for the victim, rather than being recognised for what it is – a weapon for rapists.

We would never accept alcohol as a mitigating factor for driving while drunk. No matter how drunk someone is, we expect they should still know it’s wrong to drive, and punish people who do so accordingly. We should have the same expectation that drunk men understand sex without consent (which includes the inability to give consent) is rape, and is a criminal and abhorrent offence.

“Your honour, I was too drunk to know what I was doing”

“Indeed. As it is a known fact that intoxicated females cannot think rationally, it is only natural you would succumb to your male companion’s insistence that you drive.”

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