Political journalist Paul Bongiorno succumbs to Twitter’s open invitation to say something stupid, recently tweeting “The actress not ugly enough” upon hearing that Bel Powley might play Monica Lewinsky in a hypothetical telemovie.

Clementine Ford is thoroughly – 867 words – unimpressed:

This behaviour isn’t just reflective of thoughtlessness or a cavalier attempt at bad humour. It’s indicative of how easily those kinds of words still roll off the tongues of people who don’t question society’s imperative to view women as nothing more than window dressing.

In the end, is there anything uglier than the wilfully ignorant belch of tired old trope that, like the dinosaurs still stalking the halls of power everywhere, refuses to just give up and die?

Uglier than wishing older men dead? Yes Clementine, yes there is.

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