Currently visiting the USA for the first time since 1983. For a Texas country boy who’s lived in Perth for 35 years New York is a head-spin. Outside Penn Station a guy who gets paid to sweep up scolded me for disposing of my cigarette butt in the bin, reasoning that if people didn’t litter he’d be out of a job. A few blocks later a young, apparently homeless woman, was standing on a corner screaming “suck my dick” at fellow homeless types.

Several days prior, my wife and I shared a shuttle from Santa Fe to Lamy, New Mexico to pick up the train to New York. One of the passengers had just been released from hospital: he had been roused in the middle of the night by three armed thugs who pistol whipped him, tied him up, knocked out some teeth and stubbed out cigarettes on his face.

America and Americans, gotta love em.

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