Feminist and advertising guru Jane Caro laments the horrific mistreatment of Hillary Clinton:

People have been shouting at her since she first appeared in the public arena. She has been vilified, ridiculed, insulted, dismissed, scorned, demonized, shamed, belittled, defeated, betrayed, interrogated and investigated (and investigated and investigated and investigated) for decades now.

And it’s certainly not easy for Clinton supporters:

Many women will allow themselves a moment to celebrate Clinton’s claim of victory. Some of us will gird our loins and do so publicly and unapologetically in the full and certain knowledge that we will be lambasted, patronized, lectured (and endlessly mansplained) for being so bold. We will be told that we are only supporting Clinton because she is a woman (unlike men, who apparently cannot “see” gender and never vote for a man because he is a man) and all her supposed crimes will be thrown at us in an attempt to shut us down.

But Caro reckons Clinton has earned respect and deserves support:

Clinton has fought for the rights of women and girls all her life. She has dedicated her life to them. If she becomes President it will be a victory, not just for her, but for all of us. She will have opened one of the most important of doors. That is why her indomitable march towards the White House has been met with such vitriol and nastiness. Those who assume power is their rightful domain understand just how much of a threat a Clinton win implies.

In reality, Clinton has not “fought for the rights of women and girls” and has achieved nothing for them: neither Hillary nor notable supporters include victories for females amongst her accomplishments.

Caro the shrill feminist is apparently an atypical female:

No wonder most women who support Clinton keep quiet about it. They kept quiet about supporting Obama too, which is why almost every pollster wrongly predicted he’d lose the last Presidential election to Mitt Romney.

Wrong again, Jane. Polls correctly forecast an Obama victory. Caro’s biased nonsense is, of course, a featured item on the ABC News homepage.

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