Truly disappointing results from the most comprehensive ever study of AFL player attitudes:

More than a quarter of AFL footballers surveyed agreed with prompts including “it’s natural for men to get into fights”.

About a quarter said they feel inhibited to express their religious views, disagreeing with prompts: “I feel free to practise my faith/spirituality at the club” and “I am comfortable talking about my faith/spirituality with my teammates”.

And while the overwhelming bulk of players expressed favourable “pro-Indigenous” views of teammates in terms of how they trained, 55.6 per cent disagreed with the broader statement that “Indigenous Australians are disadvantaged on a range of issues including lifespan, jobs, education and housing”.

The obvious, nuanced assumption:

The AFL has lost an untold number of Aboriginal and non-Anglo-Australian footballers due to nuanced, casual racism that lives on in league clubs below a shinier surface…

The untold number is likely zero.

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