The pressing issue in the wake of the Orlando massacre: Is Donald Trump’s reaction appropriate?

Mr Trump seized on the mass shooting at the gay club to reiterate his controversial call for a temporary ban on Muslim immigration to the US in a now-familiar flouting of political conventions that eschew exploiting tragedies.

Asked about Mr Trump’s remarks, My Shorten said “well I don’t agree” and then added that “they seem to do politics differently in America to Australia”.

“I think there is a well-understood convention in Australia that when you’ve had a tragedy of this level where people have been murdered in a cowardly fashion, what we do is we let the families grieve. What we also do is we let the law enforcement authorities understand what’s happened so they can prevent it again,” he said.

“But I do not equate demonising a whole group of people – a billion people – based on faith with the acts of stupid, random, terror events such as this.”

Yeah, it’s not like there’s a pattern to these “stupid, random, terror events”.


  1. Every law abiding firearm owner who was suddenly treated like a criminal after Port Arthur, might disagree with the suggestion that Australian politicians don’t take advantage of a criminal act.


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