Anne Summers bemoans ongoing hostility to Hillary Clinton:

Clinton has endured more than 25 years of aggressive public scrutiny and judgment, much of it sexist. When she ran in 2008 she was subjected to horrifying sexual vilification (much of which provided the playbook that was used against Julia Gillard when she became prime minister in 2010).

This is happening again, and not just from Trump supporters whose hatred of Hillary borders on the pathological, but also from the so-called Bernie Bros, men who have self-deputised to lay waste to anyone who does not support their hero Sanders.

Not a single example from over 25 years of Clinton “vilification” but Summers is specific in her dislike for Trump, the “orange-faced, bulging eyed angry white man who peddles anger and hatred and resentment and not much else.” An angry, hateful lefty. How odd.



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