Exiting the EU is the least of Britain’s worries:

Having cake at work to celebrate colleagues’ birthdays, engagements or just surviving the week is a danger to health, a senior dentist argues.

Prof Nigel Hunt, from the Faculty of Dental Surgery, at the Royal College of Surgeons, says “cake culture” is fuelling obesity and dental problems.

At the organisation’s annual dinner for dentists, he will say workplace temptation stops people losing weight.

And staff should be rewarded with fruit, nuts or cheese instead.

Even worse than decaying teeth is cake microaggression: you know, when the office manager brings in a deluxe Mississippi mud cake for temp-Sally’s birthday two weeks after providing a Cole’s sponge cake to celebrate your 20 years on the job. Upper level management must act.

Update: This is obscene: have these people not seen Studio 10?

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