Pelorus Island, part of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park, is home to rare and endangered rain forest being ravaged by feral goats. Father and son dingo experts Lee and Ben Allen came up with a plan whereby dingoes would be released on Pelorus to eliminate the goats through predation.

Brilliant. A cost-effective and natural solution to an environmental problem. Enter the do-gooders:

The RSPCA is seeking to stop dingoes being used to kill feral goats on Pelorus Island in north Queensland.

The animal welfare organisation will appeal to Biosecurity Queensland’s ethics committee to revoke its approval for the project, according to Mark Townend, the RSPCA’s chief executive officer.

“By sticking some wild dogs in a situation where those goats will be eaten, partly eaten and then left to die a horrible painful death is the wrong attitude for 2016,” he said.

Lanky African wild dogs prey on animals as large as Cape buffalo, which die a slow agonising death, yet no-one protests.

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