Melbourne court news:

Sevdet Ramadan Besim, 19, has pleaded guilty to doing an act in preparation or planning for a terrorist attack over the plot to run over and behead a police officer at an Anzac Day march in 2015.

He faces a maximum sentence of life imprisonment.

There are, of course, mitigating factors:

Besim’s defence lawyer, George Georgiou SC, told a pre-sentencing hearing, the then 18-year-old planned the act in an “immature response” to the death of his friend, Numan Haider, who was shot dead by police in September 2014.

“He was greatly affected by Mr Haider’s death. It’s not an insignificant matter in the context of the matter before the court,” Mr Georgiou said.

Haider stabbed two police officers outside Endeavour Hills police station before being gunned down.

“Gunned down”is an interesting choice of words usually reserved by the ABC for shootings other than police self-defence.

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