Australia’s unheralded writing success, Antony Loewenstein – “He has written for the The GuardianNew York TimesWashington PostNew StatesmanAl JazeeraHuffington PostSalonThe Daily StarLe Monde Diplomatique EnglishForeign PolicyThe NationalThe IndependentElectronic IntifadaAl Akhbar EnglishDawnHaaretzThe NationNew InternationalistSydney Morning HeraldThe AustralianLos Angeles Review of BooksBBC World ServiceAdbustersAl Masry AlyoumJuan ColeMondoweiss,  TehelkaOpen Democracy, Sydney’s Sun-HeraldNew Zealand HeraldSydney Ideas QuarterlyThe Australian Financial ReviewCrikey, Melbourne’s Age, Brisbane’s Courier MailCanberra TimesOnline Opinion, New MatildaThe Conversation, ABC Unleashed/The Drum, Amnesty International AustraliaGreen Left WeeklyEureka StreetKill Your DarlingsTikkun, Adelaide’s AdvertiserThe BulletinZnetOverlandSydney PENThe Big IssueCounterpunch and many others,” and a “best-selling” author – writes an “essay” for the UAE’s The National:

The Middle East is the largest importing region and weapons companies such as Raytheon, Oshkosh, Thales, General Dynamics, Northrop Grumman and Lockheed Martin are benefiting from continuing conflicts in Syria, Iraq and beyond.

Oshkosh and Thales are not “weapons companies”: the former makes vehicles; the latter communications and cybersecurity technology.

After the attacks in Paris last November, share prices in some of these defence firms rose strongly. Lockheed Martin executive vice president Bruce Tanner told a Credit Suisse conference in West Palm Beach in the US in December that there were “indirect benefits” from the war in Syria. There was “an intangible lift because of the dynamics of that environment and our products in theatre”, such as F-22s and F-35 jets.

 The F-22’s involvement in a combat role has been very limited, it isn’t available for foreign purchase and the latter isn’t yet deployed.
Israeli firms are the only non-European receivers of research grants for border security under a 1996 agreement between Europe and Tel Aviv. 
The above lifted from elsewhere:
Israeli companies are the only non-European receivers of research funding (thanks to a 1996 agreement between Israel and the EU) and also have played a role in fortifying the borders of Bulgaria and Hungary.
Lowenstein is conflicted as to whether European nations are “militarising” or “privatising” borders. This confusion harks back to his earlier repeated references to “privatised mercenaries.”
The guy can’t write, is ignorant and is a darling of the left. Go figure.
Update: Loewenstein bends the truth on arms exports:
The defence industry has never been happier. With sales at unprecedented levels – US$65 billion (Dh 238bn) in 2015, according to the Global Defence Trade Report France, the United States, Canada and Britain have become global leaders in arms exports.
From the referenced but unlinked Global Defence Trade Report:
Arms exports
Include Canada because it’s part of the Anglo-sphere while omitting the Russian Federation and Germany. Was this intentional or an oversight?

4 thoughts on “IGNORANCE IGNORED

  1. My error. Thales apparently owns Lithgow Arms, developer of the F90. Thales appears to work cooperatively with Steyr. Given that the F88 and F90 would have a very limited presence in Middle East conflicts it’s highly unlikely that Thales’ weapons sales have increased at all.


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