Femifacists argue that women are held back in all aspects of life by an insidious patriarchal conspiracy. Professor Joyce Benenson’s research doesn’t bear that out:

Men’s historical dominance of the workplace may, in part, be because of their ability to reconcile with enemies after conflict, a new study suggests.

Prof Benenson believes that overall, her new work shows that these reconciliation abilities are an “evolved sex difference that still operates today”.

“It’s the idea that you can have a mechanism that allows you to go from that tremendous competition to beat others to being able to form groups and create human society.

“Really men have done that in business, in religion, in education and the military – they form these relationships where they are willing to die for each other in some cases.” 

These traits have been, and continue to be, to the detriment of women in the workplace, Prof Benenson believes. 

She argues that in family settings, women are able to fight and make up in the same way as men, but in the office environment the same incentives don’t seem to be there.

Women in conflict in an office environment? Doesn’t happen.

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