A possible Australian precedent:

The head of the nurses’ union in WA says calls for days off to care for sick pets is not silly or frivolous and would be a first in Australia.

Australian Nursing Federation WA secretary Mark Olson said they have been forced to get “creative” after the Government capped pay rises at 1.5 per cent. 

Mr Olson said members were not happy with the pay offer, but were more concerned about their workload.

He said in the current environment, if a nurse called in sick, they were often not replaced, and knowing that, they tended not to take sick days off.

“We’re not asking for extra leave to look after the pets, what we’re saying is that if you’ve got personal leave and you need to take time off to look after your sick pets or dying pets, you should be able to access your personal leave.

It that sounds silly and ridiculous and frivolous, we’ve got a claim that reflects the reality.”

When asked if it would be acceptable to go home to look after an ill goldfish, Mr Olson said he would not be prepared to draw the line as to what constituted a good reason to use the leave.

It’s not silly at all; I’m very attached to the wagtail that has adopted me.


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