University of Newcastle academic Jason von Meding lavishes praise on Antony Loewenstein:

In Disaster Capitalism: Making a Killing out of Catastrophe, acclaimed Australian journalist Anthony Loewenstein turns his passion for justice to deliver a stunning critique of the thriving disaster capitalism industry, in its many forms; the profiteers of privatized detention, militarized security, the aid industry and multinational mining are relentlessly skewered with style and poise, and their predatory tactics exposed.

Von Meding’s PhD fails to deliver mastery of either the semicolon or the dreaded apostrophe:

Both Presidential candidates are indeed invested in disaster capitalism, but Loewenstein’s tale is arguably one that focuses on the Hillary’s of the world; the trusted and experienced hand; the status quo; the Establishment.

Obviously totally overwhelmed by the book, von Meding also gets the author’s name wrong in the title of his review: it’s Antony Loewenstein, not Anthony Lowenstein.

Update: The full review is published at Loewenstein’s site, von Meding’s Anthony stealthily changed to Antony.

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