Women found guilty of murdering their partners get a bad rap, or so says Daily Life contributor Kasey Edwards:

The researchers found that when it came to sentencing male offenders, the judges went out of their way to present the murderers as essentially good blokes who had gone off the rails.

No such understanding for women:

In contrast, the judges were not nearly as understanding and sympathetic to women who had murdered their male domestic partners.

With women, judges preferred to be less social worker, more religious preacher, declaring the wickedness of women:

“It is hard to think of a more callous, heartless, wicked person.”

“Your wickedness knew no bounds.”

“You chose an horrendous method indeed to carry out this wicked crime.”

“You had no compassion, you were heartless.”

The judicial comments above are from a 2015 study cited exactly zero times. They are drawn from two particularly heinous spouse murders, one of which was a contract killing for financial gain.

And women who kill men? Well, they’re just plain evil.

Anyone who kills without just cause is evil.


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