WA Labor veteran Alannah “MacTank” MacTiernan is going for a comeback:

The former state minister and federal Member for Perth is now expected to be preselected for Labor’s North Metropolitan ticket for the March election.

Upper House whip Phil Edman puts on a brave face:

“It’s incredible that Mark McGowan wants to bring back a dinosaur, I mean it’s quite incredible,” he said.

“What’s his next step? He’s probably going to bring back Kim Beazley.

“If that happens I think I might leave [Parliament] myself.

“If they do bring back Alannah MacTiernan maybe the Liberal Party should bring back Norman Moore, and we will sit them both in the Upper House and we’ll put a blanket on their laps so they are nice and warm.”

Mr Edmon [sic] later tweeted Ms MacTiernan, asking her: “So how long you going to stick around in this job before you quit again?”

Desperate times…

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