A dead tree has been transplanted as part of a $3.5 million ACT government funded project to restore box gum woodlands and establish a new reserve.

As part of this work, Australian National University scientists will assess the effectiveness of creating artificial habitats – using dead trees and other materials like telegraph poles.

It is a big project:

Five dead trees, or “snags”, from around Canberra are being moved to the degraded former farmland site.

The site, named Barrer Hill after late Canberra ecologist Peter Barrer, is traditionally home to diverse species of raptors, reptiles, bats and birds – from wedge-tailed eagles to microbats.

The snags and other pieces of the forest will be modified with perches, hollows, boxes and other pieces designed to make a cosy home for them.

Maybe the science types should 3-D print habitat rather than spend heaps transplanting dead trees. Just a thought.

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